ROCVIN is committed to sustainability in all of its business activities.

“Sustainable development means giving the same consideration to environmental aspects as to those of a social and economic nature. Acting in a sustainable way therefore means: we must ensure our children and our grandchildren can inherit intact ecological, social and economic structures. We cannot have one without the other”  (Quotation from: Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung – Advice on Sustainable Development)

We comply with the ISO 9001 certificated quality management system. This ensures a responsible attitude in maintaining and expanding our ability to deal with our company’s resources. Our staff are our greatest asset. Health, satisfaction, training and commitment are values that have both a personal and a corporate relevance, and are the distinguishing features of our positive working atmosphere.

ROCVIN offers great career prospects for aspiring trainees. In-house events, health-promoting measures and a special training concept are used to boost the skills and motivation of our staff, who are all on permanent contracts. The ROCVIN fleet is regularly updated to incorporate the latest technology.

We use fuel-efficient diesel cars and limousines powered by environmentally friendly bio-gas. As a result average CO2 emissions for the fleet are 98 g CO2/km. In November 2015 the independent organisation DEKRA confirmed this on basis of the actual consumption of the fleet . Moreover the environmentally aware ECO driving style of our chauffeurs helps to conserve resources and avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Certified Management System